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The key to happiness!

The key to happiness!

By Ali WilsonHappy

Ah, good ol’ happiness!

We’re in constant pursuit of it, aren’t we?

That is actually the problem.

But I get ahead of myself…

So why is happiness so important?

How is that for a stupid question?

Because happiness is just… great.

It feels good.

But it also ‘does’ stuff.

We make different decisions when happy.

We are just all round better people when happy.

So let’s be happy, shall we?

But HOW?

Well, I think I have the answer.

I truly, fully believe that happiness is derived as follows:

Progress towards goals of our desire.

Note that is NOT achieving them.

It’s the PROGRESS, the movement toward that which we want.

And it has to be what we want, not someone else.

So first, define what you want.

What YOU actually WANT.

I don’t care how fantastic or unconventional!

Now think about where you are, in relation to that goal.

Now form a plan to take the smallest, but measurable step towards that goal.

Repeat that bit LOTS.

As soon as you can see recognizable progress (which is why measurable is important), I predict a hit of happiness.


We’re looking for multiple streams of income here.

As many streams of happy juice flowing into our existence as we can possibly create.

A great example is training. We can measure where we are, see the smallest possible step forward, hit it, feel like SUPERHEROES, then keep going!

As I said, it’s not achieving the goals though, it’s the progress bit that contains the good stuff, so try to make the goals as open ended as possible so you can pursue them forever!

And try to do it EVERYWHERE. Every bit of your life!

If you don’t agree with me, fine. Please go ahead and challenge this theory.

But make sure you come up with a better one to take it’s place!

Because I’ll use that instead myself!

But for now… Happiness Is Progress Towards Goals Of Our Desire.

Use it, be happy!

See you in the gym soon!