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Ellia donates her hair to children with cancer!

Ellia donates her hair to children with cancer!

Posted on by PTS

Ellia donates her hair to children with cancer!

So Ellia has been planning this for months… growing her hair down the full length of her back so that she has enough to give to children who have lost theirs in the battle with cancer.

And at the start of July 2019 she went through with it!

She has donated her hair through the Little Princess Trust.

Bear in mind Ellia is still only seven years old and has decided to follow this plan all off her own back!

Ellia you are truly an inspiration! Showing us all you can make the world a better place no matter where you are in life!

You make our hearts swell with pride!

So as a result…


Thanks to Ellia’s inspiring action of donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, we’re going to bring in a change for our competitions next year in 2020!

The entry fee for our competitions from the start of 2020 will be £30, with a full £10 from every entry also being donated to the Little Princess Trust!

The first competition we hold for 2020 will be East Midlands Strongest Novice, on the 22nd and 23rd of Febuary, event details out now on our Facebook page!

Ellia donates her hair to children with cancer 2019