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Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers have many years of experience and are fantastic motivators to help you reach your goals. We set all of our members realistic targets and push you to reach them. Because of our enthusiasm for the job that we do, it rubs off onto our members and they never stop progressing. Everyone has an element that can be worked on, whether you're a professional or Olympic athlete, strongman, avid gym goer, or you are thinking of starting at a gym for the first time, our personal trainers in Northampton will keep you motivated along the way helping you move forward to strengthen your weaknesses and maximise your strengths.

Personal Training

We believe that when you join our unique gym and embark on our personal training you will be extending your family because everyone here works together and supports each other towards everyone's goal of success. This brings about a fun, friendly and accepting atmosphere to the fitness centre for everyone involved. Our

Ali Wilson

Ali Wilson"I've always been interested in what the body can do, and have been an enthusiast of physical culture since I was a small child. I was heavily into martial arts and combat sports for many years competing in Judo, Muay Thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Even though I no longer compete in those disciplines, my passion for training and it's benefits is at an all-time high as I now compete in all the disciplines that my gym offers; Powerlifting, Strongman, Obstacle Racing and Fitness Competition.

I believe that exercise and training is more than just 'getting a sweat on' or just burning calories.... I think that learning and developing your bodies' capabilities is an important part of self expression, and physical expression and the triumph it can give you is a feeling that is hard to beat!"

My Qualifications:
  • BSc in Engineering
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebells
  • Circuits
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Sports Nutrition
My Achievements:
  • Amateur National MMA Champion 2008
  • Completed Tough Mudder Kettering 2012
  • Competed in UK's Strongest Athlete 2012 - Watch on YouTube
  • 5th Place at Worthing's Strongest Man 2013 U90kg category - Watch on YouTube
  • East Midland's Strongest Man Winner 2014 U80kg category - Watch on YouTube
  • 4th place at Northamptonshire's Strongest Man 2014 U80kg category - Watch on YouTube
  • GBPF Anglian Open Powerlifting Champion 2014 U83kg category - Watch on YouTube
  • 5th place at East Midland's Strongest Man 2015 U80kg category - Watch on YouTube
Nina Cambatta

Nina Cambatta"Nina has been a PTS member for a number of years now so it's a fantastic development that she is now a PTS trainer! She has been consistently competing at a high level in the short few years she has been competing in strength sports, achieving a top three finish at Britain's Strongest Woman U63kg, and two years in a row being ranked the No.2 powerlifter in Great Britain in the U63kg class!

Nina is very well respected and liked in and out of the PTS gym and brings an excellent pedigree to the PTS platform!"

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