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Why potential is worthless…

Why potential is worthless…

By Ali WilsonMaybe. Nothing


Ahhh, potential.

Something I think that is responsible for A LOT of unhappiness.

Which sounds strange, doesn’t it?

We get bombarded with ‘motivation’ like

‘Your potential is sky high’

But it is WORTHLESS.

You know that saying

‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’?

Not even close.

A bird in the hand is worth countless birds outside of the hand.

This is what potential actually is.

Things you haven’t actually got.

It has ZERO worth to you, right now.

The problem is we romanticize potential, thinking of ‘what may be’

And then get sad that we’re not even slightly close to this ‘potential’, the effective ceiling on what our minds can conjure.

All the while distracting and diverting us away from the next IMMEDIATE and EFFECTIVE step that is available to us NOW, in our present.

Typical scenario:

Someone is overweight, either remembering when they were not overweight, many moons ago, or envious of images of perfect bodies.

Their very desire to have this potential fulfilled causes pain, as they are far from this point…

So they make themselves feel better with some short term good feeling, like cake, or alcohol…

Which is a small step IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of where they wish to go.

You must release potential.

There is only the next small step in front of you, today, NOW.

Go in the right direction.

Like get your butt in the gym!

See you soon!