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Is Hate… Great?

Is Hate… Great?

By Ali WilsonHate great


So I last wrote about the one big thing for change…

Change that we desire that is.

And that the one big thing for that to happen is REALLY POWERFUL EMOTION.

So I went with love…

Because love is nice. Right?

And of course someone asks me

“But what about other powerful emotions, like hate?”

So rather than answer them individually

I thought it was a fun thing to write about instead.

So then, you want change…

And you need powerful emotion to make it happen…

Will hate do the job?

Yes it will.

BUT (who doesn’t love a big but?)

Hate is a much harder emotion to carry to positive, building actions.

It CAN be done. It’s just much tougher.

If we are present in ourselves and smart about it, we can feel ANY emotion and have it drive us to the same, desired outcome.

I’ll give an example:

What made me build PTS to what it is, and what it represents?

-Well, obviously I LOVE physical culture. And I LOVE progress. And I LOVE helping people. And I LOVE happiness and happy people.

-But, also, I HATE the fitness industry. I HATE dishonesty… You get the picture.

I could use my hatred of the fitness industry to go around burning all those horrible corporate gyms to the ground, for example.

Honestly, Your Honour, I didn’t do it.

Instead I use my hatred to make sure MY gym doesn’t turn into what I detest, and build something different and worthwhile.

So if you feel hate, then use it. Because you can’t escape feeling it.

But use it build something better.

And make sure there’s love there too, otherwise hate will burn you out…

Anyway, much love!

See you at the gym soon!