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Action rules ALL!

Action rules ALL!

Posted on by PTS

By Ali WilsonEmotion Action Feedback Results


Today I’d like to talk about what I feel is the biggest cause of failure, unhappiness, and all that wonderful stuff that everyone experiences, in just about every part of their lives…


How many wonderful, beautiful things, creations, experiences, have never happened due to inaction?

Obviously a question that cannot be answered, but still food for thought.

Inaction seems to occur, not due to lack of desire as many so called experts would state, but rather what could be termed ‘The Emotional Wall’.

It is a wall that we all have built within our minds, as a safety barrier to stop us being TOO stupid.

Problem is, in a day and age where most dangers have been conveniently removed, this wall now does more harm than good.

The primary emotion for this wall is fear, a sage and wise friend to us that keeps us healthy and alive.

So we should listen to that fear. BUT NOT LET IT TAKE CONTROL.

In any venture, any forward movement into new territory will hit this wall. Don’t be fooled by people who make progress look effortless, they are just really good at jumping over the wall!

The way to practice getting over this is to first and foremost (once you have a goal), is to do SOMETHING that you believe may take you to that goal.

Do not worry as to whether it’s the right action, because you won’t know until afterwards.

That is what is termed feedback.

If you sit there with desires, goals, wishes, and take no actions, then all you will see is unlimited and confusing options, making your mind spin.

The only way to narrow down those options is to act, and then based on the feedback you get from those actions, you can either eliminate or reinforce the actions, to then get the desired results.

You can short cut some of this by copying and learning from verified people that have both the experience AND the success, but the best teacher is always your own successes, so if you are learning from someone else you must implement it straight away!

With practice you will be able to shorten the time cycle of this kind of mindset, the emotional wall never goes away but it does get easier to get round!

Once you start generating success in one area of your life you should be able to map this experience to other areas, with quicker results!

Basically what I’m saying is that you will never, ever get what you want (happiness) based on inaction.

Action leads the way!

Take an action, register the feedback, adjust the action (if necessary), get results…. Be happy!

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