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PTS at the Deadlift Or Die competition 8th July 2018

PTS at the Deadlift Or Die competition 8th July 2018

Posted on by PTS

By Ali WilsonDeadlift Or Die


Deadlift Or Die!

What a great idea for a Sunday haha!

So me and P-j (with Rebecca as camera crew) headed to Essex to GlennBranch’s gym for a competition which consisted of five separate deadlift events…

Who needs a spine anyway?

First event was a powerlifting standard normal nominated max deadlift. I’ll be honest, my head wasn’t in it at this point, pulled 180kg, then 190kg, then failed 200kg. Last place out of 12! Which is totally where I expected to be for the day. Pj pulled 135kg for a roughly middle of the pack placing out of 11.

Second event was a trap bar for reps in 60 seconds. Pj did awesome with 23 reps on 100kg for roughly middle of the pack, and I managed to get 20 reps on 200kg which got me joint 4th! This cheered me up no end!

Third event was another nominated max, this time on a smooth axle… Pj got 130kg on this, I got 190kg for around 10th place.

Fourth event was another rep event, but now it’s a 1 inch deficit deadlift! Pj nailed 21 reps on her 80kg, which was a good score, and I managed 17 reps on 160kg for another joint 4th place! Being a cardio bunny has it’s benefits!

Fifth and final event…. another nominated max, but now it’s from 18 inches, so heavy! Pj did excellent with a final pull of 150kg, and me…. Well like an idiot I didn’t account for fatigue, and failed 240kg three times in a row! My back muscles felt like melted cheese at this point, but I didn’t injure myself! Oh and point of reference, thanks to P-j this was the first time I tried a belt for a competition lift! I was this desperate to not get a no-score! Ah well!

So overall Pj came 6th out of 11, and I came 10th out of 12, not last woohoo!

Really fun day actually! Training will be interesting over the next few days!

Much love!