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Do you want SUCCESS?

Do you want SUCCESS?

Posted on by PTS

*DO YOU WANT SUCCESS?*Fire triangle of success

Well the answer is most probably yes…


Success in any venture, just like fire, has basic requirements that need to be met for anything to happen.

If you don’t fulfil the necessary requirements, nothing good or desired happens… leading to what feels like a lot of wasted time or effort. This is true in all avenues of life, be it training, work, relationships, family, or building a fire!

So let’s break it down…

1. Fuel: Consistently turn up

The wood for the fire, is you constantly and consistently being there for the work that needs to be done. Just like a fire, a bit of success will burn through your fuel, so YOU HAVE TO KEEP TURNING UP, even after initial success. Don’t turn up? No wood to burn.

2. Heat: Make relevant progress

This is where a lot of people who turn up, then go wrong. They don’t make progress! Just turning up is like collecting a bunch of wood and then staring at it wondering why it doesn’t catch fire. BRING THE HEAT! Pressure the situation to move forward!

3. Oxygen: Assess and adjust over time

Just like oxygen, time is the ingredient that tends to just ‘be there’… But to have the fire burn you must not take it away! So give things time! Assess and judge how things are going, make adjustments, and build a bigger fire!

Now the real thing to take away from this, is that success, just like fire, will not happen if you don’t meet the requirements. It does not care about your excuses, your story, or anything else other than getting the essentials.

And in order to make success, YOU MUST DO! YOU MUST ACT! Sitting there agreeing or disagreeing does nothing!

Get up, keep gathering wood, bring the heat, don’t take away the oxygen, AND BUILD A MASSIVE FIRE OF SUCCESS THAT MAKES YOU PROUD AND HAPPY!