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Progressive Strongest Novice Competition results and videos

Progressive Strongest Novice Competition results and videos

Posted on by PTS

So not a write up….


Because basically the whole weekend went like a dream! This is the second year we’ve run this strongman/woman competition, aimed as an introduction to the sport for novices and first timers. It’s a very popular event!


The ladies competed on Saturday 31st October 2015 and the men on Sunday 1st November 2015. So here are the results and at the bottom will be highlight videos of both days. Enjoy!



1st: Kelly Frecklington 32.5 points
2nd: Ali Schofield 31 points
3rd: Mean Wilson 28.5 points
Joint 4th: Louise Clark 25.5 points
Joint 4th: Fay Clinton 25.5 points
6th: Rachel Wilson 18 points
7th: Samantha Grainger 7 points
Guest: Melissa Williamson

1st: Emma Taylor 44.5 points
2nd: Victoria Chevis 43.5 points
3rd: Zoe Cambbell 42.5 points
Joint 4th: Georgina Locke 32 points
Joint 4th: Helen Stoller 32 points
6th: Chloe Maxwell 29.5 points
7th: Laura Moore 18.5 points
8th: Daisy Rivetti 14.5 points
9th: Heidi Markley 8 points
Guest: Pat De Reyes

1st: Rachel Hale 40.5 points
2nd: Leanne Williams 33 points
3rd: Connie Middleman 28 points
4th: Sarah Thomas 26.5 points
5th: Chanelle Collins 22 points
6th: Lou Ellis 10 points
7th: Tracy Gravestock 7 points



1st: Adam Wilson 37 points
2nd: Daniel Reeve 36 points
3rd: Mateusz Klimczak 35 points
4th: Bradley Taylor 19 points
5th: Chris Brannon 16.5 points
6th: David Sturman 16 points
7th: Tom Sadler 8.5 points
Guest: Sukhpal Singh

1st: Jake Bougouneau 37.5 points
2nd: Peter Kitching 34.5 points
3rd: James Ennis 32 points
4th: Ali Crooks 24.5 points
5th: Chris McGeehan 19 points
6th: Tom Watts 10.5 points
7th: Sam Rowland 8 points
Guest: Jay Wood

1st: Richard Glover 44 points
2nd: Tom Edgington 43 points
3rd: Elliot Williams 35 points
4th: Mark Pearson 31 points
5th: Ben Smith 18.5 points
6th: Phil Burman 16.5 points
7th: Justin Green 15.5 points
8th: Mark Cope 11.5 points

1st: Brad Hench 44 points
2nd: Mike Gibbons 37 points
3rd: Willy McNeil 29 points
4th: Carl McDade 28.5 points
5th: Andy Young 25.5 points
6th: Felix Key 22 points
7th: Harry Beresford 20 points
8th: Robert Edmundson 9 points


Women’s video highlights:



Men’s video highlights: