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Dead Strong Bench Press Competition Result and Video 7th Nov 2015

Dead Strong Bench Press Competition Result and Video 7th Nov 2015

Posted on by PTS

So we had another of our little ‘Dead Strong’ competitions today at PTS! Just one lift to worry about (this time the bench press), 5 nominated lifts, everybody competing in one category comparing lifts to bodyweight and gender using the Wilks formula… It’s a wonderful little competition! We weighed in at 10am, started the lifting at 11am and had given out medals by 1215pm! A fun way to start the weekend!


Here are the results:


1st James Lee 160kg 103.22 points
2nd Lee Betteridge 142.5kg 93.75 points
3rd David Braithwaite 117.5kg 83.26 points
4th Ali Wilson 120kg 79.49 points
5th Nina Cambatta 70kg 70.70 points
6th Laura Sellers 65kg 66.77 points
7th Justin Green 107.5kg 65.37 points
8th Laura Shaw 60kg 61.63 points
9th Pj Gentle 52.5kg 55.85 points
10th Jake King 85kg 52.87 points
11th Hannah Newman 50kg 44.08 points


And here’s the complete competition video: