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GBPF East Midlands Powerlifting Championships 13th Dec 2015

GBPF East Midlands Powerlifting Championships 13th Dec 2015

Posted on by PTS

By Ali Wilson


This write up is a little late… I thought I’d already done it! Haha, whoops! Better late than never!


Fucking hell! What a way to see off the final competition weekend of 2015! (Unless someone wants to challenge me to a stick throwing competition or something before New Years?)

Went to the GBPF East Midlands Powerlifting Championships today in Letchworth, along with PTS lifters Sal Williams, P-j Gentle, Rowan Smith, Wendy Williams, Nina Cambatta, Lee Betteridge and Justin Green, and had a fucking wicked day!

Now I’ve not really been that focused on my powerlifting recently, I’m fairly shit at it anyway so gains are hideously slow, I’ve been trying to resolve more quality and health issues in my strength training (which has gone well!), so I’ve been a bit ‘whatever’ about it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but I also love a lot of other shit!

This weekend was a bit of an experiment. Could I get away with an obstacle race the day before a powerlifting competition? Well, yes I can!

I opened my squats on a conservative 130kg, felt easyish, then 140kg, felt exactly the same, then just 145kg, and I think I fucked the descent up as it felt like a fucking train wreck. Still got the squat, but lack of heavy training shows!

My bench press felt nice in the warm up room, I opened on 110kg, easy, then 115kg, pretty solid, then went for a comp PB of 117.5kg, and got it! It went slow but it actually felt good, and fuck it, it’s a PB!

Then I opened my deadlift on 190kg. My deadlift has been a mind fuck for a while, again I think lack of heavy training has just disconnected me from the tension I need. I’m the complete opposite to an explosive lifter, I’m almost all slow twitch, so I need massive tension and the confidence to keep applying it with full commitment to make anything move off the floor. I got the 190kg, it felt ok but a bit slow, but still steady, so I lumped for 207.5kg which would have given me a PB total, but some motherfucker glued it to the floor! Twice! Bastard! But one thing I do take away from this, is that normally when I fail deadlifts some part of my body (usually my back or hips) tell me that I’m a cunt and that’s why the bar won’t do as it’s told, but there was none of that, so now I’m just a weakling!

Which is actually exciting to me as now I want to get back to getting stronger again, the powerlifting bug has bitten me again! Don’t worry, I’m still going to be lots of other stupid shit!

The rest of PTS crew were fucking wicked today, fucking PBs flying around all over the place! I loved today’s competition, it just absolutely feels me with joy to see such stuff going on!

We had eight lifters in the GBPF East Midlands Powerlifting Championships, bagging six trophies!
-Sal Williams squatted 47.5kg, benched 32.5kg, deadlifted 80kg, totaled 160kg, 3rd place.
-Rowan Smith squatted 85kg (PB), benched 55kg (PB), deadlifted 110kg (PB), totaled 250kg (PB), 4th place.
-Pj Gentle squatted 80kg, benched 50kg, deadlifted 125kg (PB), totaled 255kg (PB), 3rd place.
-Wendy Williams squatted 110kg, benched 52.5kg, deadlifted 147.5kg (PB and new East Midlands record!), totaled 310kg (PB), 3rd place.
-Nina Cambatta squatted 125kg, benched 70kg, deadlifted 170kg (PB and new East Midlands record!), totaled 365kg (PB), 1st place!
-Ali Wilson squatted 145kg, benched 117.5kg (PB), deadlifted 190kg, totaled 452.5kg, 8th place.
-Lee Betteridge squatted 205kg, benched 142.5kg, deadlifted 252.5kg (PB), totaled 600kg (PB), 2nd place.
-Justin Green squatted 137.5kg (PB), benched 112.5kg (PB), deadlifted 202.5kg (PB), totaled 452.5kg (PB), 3rd place.

Just as an extra note of awesomeness, Nina, Wendy and P-j all unofficially broke their respective categories regional deadlift records, reason it’s unofficial is because this was an equipped competition, and even though they all lifted unequipped you can’t break classic records, apparantly. Powerlifting is confusing at times!
And then there was the PTS folk that were running in the MK Half Marathon too! Elliot Patching, Steph Patching, Helen de Bono and Mary T Kerr all running their fucking hearts out with the following times:

-Steph and Elliot Patching ran it in 1 hour 58 minutes and 2 seconds.
-Helen De Bono ran it in 2 hours 16 minutes and 47 seconds
-Mary Kerr ran it in 2 hours 25 minutes and 1 second.

and Leanne Clifford carrying Evelyn round the Northampton 5km Santa Run because she had a bad leg! Fucking SuperMum or what!

So what a weekend….. I could barely sleep last night because I was buzzing so hard, so I hope tonight is a case of complete collapse from exhaustion because I’m fucking buzzing even more now!

Ah man, so much love for everything that has gone on this weekend…. 2016 can’t come soon enough!


Oh and here’s the video of the powerlifting of every lift. Enjoy!