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England’s Strongest Man U80kg Competition Results 31st July 2016

England’s Strongest Man U80kg Competition Results 31st July 2016

Posted on by PTS

By Ali WilsonEngland's Strongest Man U80kg 31st July 2016

England’s Strongest Man U80kg today (Sunday 31st July 2016) at Progressive Training Systems!

Man… I really want to compete now! This seemed to be a bit of savage day for the competitors, which is nice! Good to see I’ve not gone too soft these days!

I got to referee a new U80kg strongman British record log lift of 125kg, and then referee a new U80kg strongman World record deadlift of first 290kg, and then 320kg! All by Shane Jerman, who also had a crack at 341kg to set a new U90kg strongman World record, but alas it was not to be today. Shane had to go to hospital with severe cramping after 3 events so I hope he’s on the mend!

Both the novice and the national categories were a close fight with places being exchanged, half a point difference and the last event deciding the novice winner, and a tie break and bonus event deciding the national winner! Congratulations to Daniel Claxton and Marc Todd on your wins!

Awesome to see familiar faces and people improving! Too many people have a dip into something like this and then move on, you need to keep at it and break through! Best example from today was Chris Sober, massive improvement all round!

And of course I need to thank my amazing crew of PTS helpers! Kerry Gowen, P-j Gentle, Justin Green, Emma Markham and Rebecca Young! As ever, you lot were blinding! And big shout to Nathan Etheridge for the use of the truck! Worked a treat!

So cheers everyone for an awesome day!

Here’s the full results:

1st: Mark Todd 33.5 points
2nd: Amran Bodle 33 points
3rd: Wayne Close 31.5 points
4th: Dean Kehoe 26.5 points
5th: Sam Harvey 26 points
6th: Glen Hall 25 points
7th: Amo Dhillon 18.5 points
8th: Stephen Snowling 16 points
9th: Simon Hopes 12 points

1st: Daniel Claxton 22 points + winner of tie break
2nd: Chris Sober 22 points
3rd: Dom Crane 20.5 points
4th: Shane Jerman 18 points
5th: Will Sanderson 10.5 points
6th: Harry Slingsby 10 points

Well done to all the competitors today in a very tough contest!

Thank you to everyone involved for a great day!

Here’s some video clips of the events today: