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PTS Fitness Competition Results 24th Sept 2016

PTS Fitness Competition Results 24th Sept 2016

By Ali Wilson

The first PTS Fitness Competition is over! And what jolly good fun it was too!

And by jolly good fun I of course mean being thoroughly entertained by the diverse array of hilarious effort faces and expressions of pain I was privileged to see all day!

Blimey though, my poor throat! Feels like I’ve eaten a sandpaper salad and washed it down with a pint of bleach!

Anyway… Congratulations to everyone that took part and made today an awesome competition! The battle for top three places was pretty epic, dramatic and close! Well done to Michelle Steenhuis and James Jackson on the comeback win, just half a point ahead of Leanne Clifford and Chris Smith at the final count!

Some highlights of the day quickly… Diana taking this competition on just 5 days notice, and not even knowing the events until the rules meetings today! Matt Howard demonstrating he was a stunt double for the Planet Of The Apes movies with his amazing bear crawl style! Dave and Debbiepipping Mary and Joe in the sandbag lift by just one point (291 vs 290)! Mark going hero mode on the battle ropes! The final foot race just having that dramatic as holy heck feeling!

I’ve had a blinding day, and super happy the competition went as well as it did (although not perfect, some things will be taken back to the drawing board…)

Big thanks to everyone that helped, Kerry, Adele, Evelyn, Slav and co… Excuse me if I missed anyone!

I’ll be cooking up another recipe of fine fitness frolics, think I’ll stick with the same format, might even have it take place this year…

Stay tuned folks!


1st Place – Michelle Steenhuis & James Jackson 37 points
2nd Place – Leanne Clifford & Chris Smith 36.5 points
3rd Place – Debbie Keating & Dave Peters 34 points
4th Place – Leila Reeb & Danny Reeb 30.5 points
5th Place – Diana Quintero & Rob Flavell 21 points
6th Place – Emma Markham & Justin Green 18.5 points
7th Place – Mary Kerr & Joe Decaro 18 points
8th Place – Jill Bowers & Mark Johnson 15 points
9th Place – Emma Brennan & Matt Howard 14.5 points

Well done to everyone! As you can see from the final points, it was very close fought battle, to the very pts-fitness-results-websitefinal event!

An amazing competition, everybody gave all they had, and it was a very entertaining day!

Thank you to everyone involved!

We’ll be doing another one soon…