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Testimonial – OCR and fitness dominator Kerry Gowen!

Testimonial – OCR and fitness dominator Kerry Gowen!

Posted on by PTS

Kerry Gowen Testimonial OCR fitness Winner

Here is a testimonial from one of the true stalwarts of fitness at PTS, the amazing Kerry Gowen!


“I started training with Ali when he was still working in a commercial gym years ago, it was clear back then he wasn’t the run of the mill gym trainer! We were upping weights and dragging plates on makeshift sleds on the expensive carpet (much to the annoyance of the management), doing things quite a bit different to the norm!


I really started training properly with him when PTS was in a squash court, a sweat box of squats cages, battle ropes and short prowler runs on horrible rubber matting!


So to see PTS grow to what it is today is just amazing, the work that has been put in is just incredible, the gym continues to evolve and develop as time goes on, and training with Ali has had a profound effect on me.


I was just into my fitness and general gym work but Ali has worked on many aspects of strength and conditioning with me and now my passion is obstacle course racing, which can be quite brutal on the body but with Ali’s training I can compete nearly every weekend and the only real aches and pains I need to deal with are bumps and bruises! And now I’m getting a taste for fitness events where I competed at the Superhuman Games this year and had the time of my life (with Ali’s special kind of support still ringing in my ears!) it’s this kind of support and opportunity that makes PTS so special.”


Thank you for the kind words Kerry! So now what do the PTS coaches think of Kerry?


Ali’s thoughts on Kerry:


“Where do I start? Kerry is a fucking badass, have no doubt about that. Despite the fact that I coach her and have been a directing force in her training and competing for a few years now, I myself look up to her. I value very highly attributes like relentlessness, patience, consistency and all out passion and Kerry has these in such abundance that I can’t help but be inspired by her efforts and success. Inspired to the point where her success in Obstacle Course Racing and Fitness Competition has me entering these fields in her wake! I can only hope to live up to the standard she’s setting!


But as well as her steady approach to training, which sees her have no breaks from training at all other than a few days here and there over the course of many years (Want the secret to success in anything? Read that last bit again!), Kerry is also exactly the sort of person we want down PTS. Always willing to help, keen to see people get involved, and supportive of the different people and their goals. The reason PTS is such an awesome place to be is in big part to people like Kerry, their contributions cannot be measured!”


Faye’s thoughts on Kerry:


“My thoughts on Kezza (Kerry), she was one of the first members of PTS, I actually think she was there before us! What an amazing athlete, currently dominating her category in the obstacle course racing scene, but also so much more than that. Kez is the definition of consistent, and has the results to prove it, a model member, a fantastic friend, and an awesome role model. Very much admire and love this lady.”


To keep up to date with the adventures of the amazing folk at PTS like Kerry, head over to our Facebook page and follow the fun!