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The Single Principle For Success To… Change

The Single Principle For Success To… Change

Posted on by PTS

Need is loveMost (if not all) people desire change… And I mean change they actually want, not the decay of time…

So what’s the ONE THING that causes it?

If we look about our daily lives and experiences

We can see that we have an absolute abundance of information, education, tools, potential, opportunity, resources…

In other words, everything we NEED to create the changes we desire in our lives is already present.

So why don’t we?

Clearly the word being thrown around is ‘motivation’

But that word sucks.

So no, it’s not the vague term of ‘motivation’.

I contest that in order for us to actually CHANGE our lives, we need an emotional charge of the most powerful order.

I’m talking about falling in love.

Emotions are why we do things differently.

They are bio-chemical signals that influence behaviour.

So if we have everything we need, but don’t use it, we just haven’t loved something enough.

You could argue that you can try to love yourself more

But I think it’s way easier to love externally than internally.

And eventually do enough externally, and the internal stuff is much easier to find.

Anyway, using love to fuel change…

If we use exercise and training as an example…

It is not enough to have the training equipment, the programmes, the professionals on stand by

Because that is all in abundance and yet people’s physical and mental health is on the decline.

You need to fall in love with some aspect of physical culture, in order to commit enough to do the actions consistently to get the change you desire.

You could fall in love with the coach (awkward)

Or the training and how it makes you feel, the fun of conquering new disciplines

Or the gym and the training environment, the escape to somewhere that lifts your spirit

Or the community and the group of people that surrounds it, new friends lifting each other

Or the feeling in your body when you train, of power and progress being made manifest

Or the aspect of challenging yourself in competition, facing down your fears in front of a crowd of faces…



Let it happen. Let it fuel the desire to be better.

Because without that fuel, the resources lay useless to you.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pull your head out of the hole you’ve put it in


And then, be happy!

See you soon!