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Rate your heart…

Rate your heart…

Posted on by PTS

By Ali WilsonRate Heart


The heart is good thing.

We kind of need it.

All the time.

Luckily it works without us being able to control it.

Imagine if it was controlled by our moods?

Well, actually it is influenced by us.

The ability to see your heart rate is probably easier now than ever before.

Lots of people now have heart rate monitor stuff on watches, on phones, etc.

This is great!

But still, information without implementation and application to a better outcome is pretty pointless.

The truth about ‘awareness’.

Rather than just looking at numbers.

What about actually understanding what it means?

The heart rate (displayed as Beats Per Minute, or BPM) is basically the number displaying the TOTAL demand on the body at the time, and the heart’s ability to deal with it.

Your ‘resting’ heart rate is a number that gives a very good indicator to overall health, and the ability of your cardiovascular system to deal with stress.

By the way, to measure your resting heart you need to take it when you’re actually resting. You’ll never, ever see it in the gym!

So if you want to know your resting heart rate, measure it first thing in the morning, while still in bed, before food, drink, or thoughts of the day take too much hold.

Measure it every morning, to see an average. Once you’ve got at least a week of numbers, you should be able to see an average.

Interesting side note: If you get into the habit of taking it every single day, if you come across a morning where it seems higher than normal, that can be a sign (the first sign) that you’re dealing with something, like illness.

This is because the heart rate is the indicator of TOTAL stress on the body, not just exercise. So stress at work, home, illness, emotional stuff, all will impose demands on the body that will raise the resting heart rate.

So a little sign like that could be a signal to take it easy on other things (not a duvet day you lazy sods!) so that the body deals with what it has to, to keep you healthy.

Generally speaking, the lower the resting rate, the better.

We’ll discuss more on heart fitness next time!

See you at the gym soon!