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Progressive Strongest Novice Results 3rd/4th November 2018

Progressive Strongest Novice Results 3rd/4th November 2018

Posted on by PTS

Another amazing weekend of competition at the PSN! Saturday 3rd November 2018 was the women’s competition, here are the results:

1st Sam Andrews 52 points
2nd Alex Sutton 38 points
3rd Robyn Dent 35 points
4th Jenny Fry 30 points
5th Lynsey Blake 29 points
6th Melanie Francis 26 points
7th Laura Cook 25 points
8th Jayne Hartley 20.5 points
9th Nicola Hawes 14.5 points
GUEST Elaine Turton 0 points

1st Liz Carter 48 points
2nd Hayley Lane 39 points
3rd Emily Collom 34 points
4th Charlotte Stansfield 33 points
5th Grace Hodge 24.5 points
6th Christy Wool 15.5 points
7th Laura Hoggins 14.5 points
8th Louise Shears 5.5 points

1st Toyah Parker 45 points
2nd Carly Mear 44 points
3rd Jodi Smith 32 points
4th Anna Stone 23 points
5th Maxine Plompen 22.5 points
6th Joanne Gibbons 16.5 points
7th Dawn Roberts 15.5 points
8th Caroline Goonewardena 14.5 points

If you go back through our Facebook page to the date you’ll find Facebook Live videos of each event!

Sunday 4th November 2018 was the men’s competition, here are the results:

1st Tom Cowell 51 points
2nd Bryan Harrison 47.5 points
3rd Lee Adcock 47 points
4th John Warburton 42 points
5th Richard Habergham 39.5 points
6th Dave Brockley 26.5 points
7th Luke Burton 26 points
8th Douglas Bennett 24 points
9th Stuart Weston 15.5 points
10th Shaun Elsey 10 points

1st Gary Davison 50.5 points
2nd Jack Moore 42.5 points
3rd Greg Remer 36 points
4th Nathan Jones 35 points
5th Renato Citriniti 32 points
6th Ryan Adams 28 points
7th James Burrows 25 points
8th Richard Stannard 14.5 points
9th Archie Drummond 4.5 points
GUEST Liam Johnson 0 points

1st Nathan Etheridge 32.5 points
2nd Lewis Woodley 30 points
3rd Andrew Spiers 27 points
4th Andy Tasker 17 points
5th Dan Sears 13.5 points
6th Mark Gadsby 5 points

1st Andrew Taylor 53 points
2nd Ozichukwu Udeze 44 points
3rd Jamie Bishop 43.5 points
4th Michael Risby 42.5 points
5th Marcin Woszczyk 38.5 points
6th Darren Scarfe 31.5 points
7th Mark Allott 28.5 points
8th William Robertson 23.5 points
9th James Aldwinckle 19 points
10th Chris Russell 5 points

Again, go to our Facebook page to the date to see the videos!

An amazing weekend and well done to everyone for an excellent and exciting competition!