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Progressive Strongest Novice 2017 Results!

Progressive Strongest Novice 2017 Results!

Posted on by PTS

By Ali Wilson

The 2017 Progressive Strongest Novice was another amazing weekend of competition at the PTS gym!

We managed to get some live footage of the competition via Facebook Live! The links to the videos are:

Ladies’ competition:

Men’s competition part one:

Men’s competition part two:

And here are the results…


1st Lu Dudley 49.5 points
2nd Yolande Macklin 48 points
3rd Kellie Butt 45 points
4th Lynsey Kew 42.5 points
5th Maria Sage 40 points
6th Louise Clark 33.5 points
7th Vanessa Marshall 33 points
8th Emma Evans 17.5 points
9th Penny Severn 14 points
10th Alex Coughlan 8 points

1st Michelle Miller 16.5 points
2nd Christine Alderson 11.5 points
3rd Emma Pledger 6 points
GUEST Lisa Cottenham 0 points
GUEST Lisa Dean 0 points

1st Lorna Durant 80 points
2nd Rachel Chalmers 70.5 points
3rd Toyah Parker 67.5 points
4th Carly Mear 66.5 points
Joint 5th Natalie Birch 55.5 points
Joint 5th Joanna Matejko 55.5 points
7th Caroline Roy 45.5 points
8th Cat Appleton 40 points
9th Vanessa Rolfe 34 points
10th Claire Vize 33.5 points
11th Felicity Fisher 26.5 points
12th Jodi Smith 14 points
13th Kathryn Kinnear 12 points
14th Laura Warmbier 8 points

Score sheets for the ladies can be found on this link:


1st Matteo Macetti 34 points
2nd Harry Roberts 30 points
3rd Dan Hughes 23 points
4th Stuart Currie 19 points
5th Chris Cole 13 points
6th Giovanni Coppola 6 points

1st Dean Maden 52 points
2nd Vygintas Vilimaitis 45 points
3rd Rob Glover 39 points
4th Chris Games 35.5 points
5th Daniel Rollings 25.5 points
6th Tim Latter 24.5 points
7th Matt Stearn 18.5 points
8th James Hooks 15.5 points
9th Nick Allen 12.5 points

1st Marius Tamulynas 61 points
2nd Nathan Etheridge 58.5 points
3rd Thomas Lloyd 48 points
Joint 4th Lee Friel 36.5 points
Joint 4th Patrik Natafalusi 36.5 points
6th Sam Kelk 31.5 points
7th Chris Pugh 30 points
8th Chris Jones 28.5 points
9th Trevor Rand 26.5 points
10th Steven Purvis 25 points
11th Jim Rhodes 14 points

1st Mark Edwards 42 points
2nd Teddy Loveridge 34 points
3rd Craig Hughes 29.5 points
4th Matthew Agapiou 22 points
5th Jason Lombardi 20 points
6th Alan Gidman 13 points
7th Matthew Cadd 6.5 points

Score sheets for the men can be found on this link:

…And just a massive thank you to everyone involved in helping make such an amazing weekend!