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The one thing to succeed in business… and other things…

The one thing to succeed in business… and other things…

Posted on by PTS

38284418_1995097420540571_1826161940402012160_nThe ONE THING you need to succeed in business…

Although all you ‘non-business’ types shouldn’t turn off right now

Because this is more accurately about how to succeed in ‘transactions’, and not just ones with money.

Any time you interact with anyone else, there is a transaction.



Emotional investment.

Enjoyment (or lack of it)

So then, we can view all our interactions with others as a transaction, of a type.

And therefore we are all in business.

Even if it’s just to be liked by others!

So the one thing to succeed at this…?



It is the baseline of all successful transactions.

And then we can split this down into two further actions. In order to create demand, we have to:

1) Craft a quality product.

Let’s not muck around here, I’m not one for dishonesty, so we are not going down the path of tricking people.

If you want people’s attention in a positive light, i.e. demand, then you need to have something that benefits their life.

Can’t get friends? Maybe you smell. Nobody likes hanging around stinky people, so go wash and get a nice spray.

Can’t get clients? Do you have a solution THEY want? Not what you think they want, or what they should have, but what THEY ACTUALLY WANT?

This is where a lot of people get unstuck, because they end up preaching, but not actually holding any sway.

It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, if you smell, my nose will be offended.

So then, actually craft a quality product. One that people will want.

And then we have to:

2) Let people know, also known as marketing.

So now you no longer smell, but you stay indoors all day and avoid all social gatherings. Well that’s not going to work for our friendless example is it!

Being ‘quiet’ and hoping that people will luckily stumble across the amazing thing you have crafted is just not going to work.

See, being good at transactions is incredibly simple. If you create demand then everything is just logistics you need to figure out, which is much more fun than failing.

But also don’t try to please everyone, because that is a form of dishonesty. Not everyone will want what you offer, and that’s ok.

But the key here is to be in a position where some will want what you’ve got, and then you can build from there.

Be happy!