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Northampton’s Strongest Novice Results 11th June 2017

Northampton’s Strongest Novice Results 11th June 2017

By Ali Wilson


U75kg Women:
1st Kerrie Vogt 12 points
2nd Sarah Williams 11 points
3rd Emma Chetwynd Jarvis 7 points

Openweight Women:
1st Katie Dunk 15 points
2nd Claire Vize 9.5 points
3rd Sophia Harley 5.5 points

U80kg Men:
1st Andrew Bell 22 points
2nd Danny Richardson 19 points
3rd Lee Haley 17 points
4th Antonio Ghansah 11 points
5th Nick Palmer 8 points

U90kg Men:
1st Nathan Woodruffe 22 points
2nd Ben King 20 points
3rd Dominic Kinsey 13.5 points
4th Pete Robinson 10 points
5th Daniel Rollings 9.5 points

U105kg Men:
1st William Simms 24 points
2nd Laurence Arnold 19 points
3rd Joseph O’Neill 16 points
4th Robert Rhodes 6 points
5th Jim Rhodes 4 points

Openweight Men:
1st Jordan Gower 20.5 points
2nd Chris Shorter 19 points
3rd Stephen Fraher 14.5 points
4th Tom Hill 13.5 points
5th James Flaherty 7.5 points

You can find the full score sheets on the post on our Facebook page here:

An amazing day of PTS competition once more! Huge thank you to the helpers (P-j Gentle, Claire Haynes, Justin Green, Emma Markham, Laura Shaw), huge thank you to the amazing crowd, and a massive well done to all the competitors for a thrilling event!

Feeling the love!