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Northampton’s Strongest Novice 2019 results!

Northampton’s Strongest Novice 2019 results!

Posted on by PTS


Held at PTS Northampton on 18th and 19th May 2019


1st Helen Cooper 24 points
2nd Vanessa Rolfe 16 points
3rd Georgia Mizen 14 points winner on countback
4th Alexandra Sutton 14 points
5th Steph Colinswood 7 points


1st Tom Cowell 27 points
2nd Lee Adcock 23.5 points
3rd Nikita Rancev 19 points
4th Aivaras Verseckas 13 points
5th Oliver Belas 11.5 points
6th Luke Dickinson 11 points

1st Callum Philpott 14 points
2nd Kieran Freeborough 9 points
3rd Douglas Bennett 7 points

1st Mantas Marasauskas 27 points
2nd Roland George 25 points
3rd Oliver Mear 24 points
Joint 4th Karl Houlhaus 18 points
Joint 4th Adrian Knight 18 points
6th Marc Barrett 16.5 points
7th Jack Wheatley 10.5 points

1st Will Dixon 21 points
2nd Chris McKenzie 19 points
3rd Christopher Hann 16 points
4th Barney Clements 12 points
5th Greg Webb 7 points

A great weekend and very fun competition! Thank you to everyone involved!