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Northampton’s Strongest Novice 2018 Results and Video links!

Northampton’s Strongest Novice 2018 Results and Video links!

Posted on by PTS

We hosted Northampton’s Strongest Novice at PTS on Saturday and Sunday 19th/20th May 2018, and what an event it was! Here are the results:


1st: Charlotte Cook 26 points
2nd: Jessica Kinns 21 points
3rd: Grace Hodge 20 points
4th: Amber Deardon Fisk 17 points
5th: Roxanne Mulkerrins 16 points
6th: Clare Sheridan 5 points

1st: Lauren Onojaife 28 points
2nd: Flick Carless 23 points
3rd: Jodi Phillips 21 points
4th: Lisa Pilkington 15 points
5th: Lucy Ekins 10 points
6th: Vanessa Rolfe 8 points


1st: Amran Bodle 39 points
2nd: Harold Marshall 38 points
3rd: Jez Stevens 33.5 points
4th: Adrian Noone 28 points
5th: Richard Pugh 26.5 points
6th: Danny Curtis 19.5 points
7th: Simon Halliday 15.5 points
8th: Steve Mills 13 points
9th: Kieran Walker 5 points

1st: Adam Parnell 37 points
2nd: Shane Ramsell 28 points
3rd: Josh Berrisford 27 points
4th: Rob Glover 24.5 points
5th: Nathan Woodruffe 21 points
6th: Rob McCarthy 18.5 points
7th: Joe Pattinson 18 points
8th: Matthew Sayer 6 points

1st: Tom Lloyd 40 points
2nd: Jamie Webb 37 points
3rd: Billy Sims 32 points
4th: Vinnie Jones 28.5 points
5th: Donovan Rannachan 26 points
6th: Filipe Tavares 24.5 points
7th: Jason Howard 22 points
8th: Mark Hyams 9.5 points
9th: Paul Sherman 4.5 points
Guest: Thomas Brandon 0 points

1st: Sam Peel 49 points
2nd: Dom Jankevicius 40.5 points
3rd: James Garner 40 points
4th: Arran Perry 37 points
Joint 5th: Antony Alexander 23 points
Joint 5th: Matt Baily 23 points
Joint 5th: Stuart Sims 23 points
8th: David Alderson 18 points
9th: Jerome Caseman 11 points
10th: Alan Gidman 10.5 points

And here are the links to the live stream videos:



Men Part 1:


Men Part 2:


As you can see, it was an awesome event and everyone had a great time!


Thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially the helpers Pj Gentle, Claire Haynes, Rebecca Young, Emma Brennan, and Chris Games!