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Head Shave And Wax For Cancer Charity Complete!

Head Shave And Wax For Cancer Charity Complete!

Posted on by PTS

Charity Body Wax Ali small Charity Head Shave Faye smallSo on Friday 31st July 2015 it happened…


Faye got had her hair shaved off in opposing quadrants style, and Ali got half his body hair waxed off in the same way!


Faye seemed to really enjoy the head shave, it was a very relaxed affair, much like a normal session to your hairdressers (only this was done in the middle of our gym while members came in and chatted and trained)


On the other hand…. Because Ali had already gone through with his head shave early, he had to lie on the therapy couch in the middle of gym in his legal powerlifting pants and get waxed!


The waxing session lasted about two hours with two ladies (Laura and Sharon Englefield, mother and daughter torture tag team extraordinaire) going at it relentlessly!


If you’re a guy and you haven’t gone through waxing before, you should, even if it’s just once, so you get a new found respect for women that do their bit to stay beautiful for the benefit of all!


So which bits were more painful than others? Well, they started on the chest, and that was PAINFUL. The arm wasn’t too bad, the lower leg wasn’t bad at all some bits of the thigh like the inside of the thigh were quite painful, but the worst…


By far the most painful part of the waxing was the stomach! It was like being cut open! Hot, sharp stabbing pains that went right through you!


And to add to the joy of smooth, raw, sore skin was the thought of competing in strongman two days later which included the prospect of having rough, heavy atlas stones tearing and chaffing over the pink, tender, fragile skin! Wonderful!


So here’s hoping for a fun filled weekend of strongman fun! As always, here is the link to donate to our cause:


And here’s is a video of some of the shaving and waxing action…. Be warned, plenty of foul language in the waxing section!