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England’s Strongest Man U80kg (+Novice) Results 23rd July 2017

England’s Strongest Man U80kg (+Novice) Results 23rd July 2017

By Ali Wilson


1st Daniel Claxton 22 points countback winner
2nd Steven Gwilt 22 points
3rd Stephen Wilkenson 13.5 points
4th Chris Harvey 8.5 points
5th Chris Sober 8 points
INJURED Shaun Vause
INJURED Dale Mcpherson

1st Ed Gamester 33 points
2nd Lewis Blackwood 30.5 points
3rd Danny Richardson 29 points
4th Damien Langkamer 28.5 points
5th Paul Stevenson 28 points
6th Darren Pearce 12.5 points
7th Nick Hill 11.5 points
8th Hakon Fram Stokka 6 points
GUEST Robert Thrower

You can find the full score sheets on the post on our Facebook page here:


Thank you everyone for an awesome day! Such a close competition in both categories! A very exciting event! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

Congratulations to Daniel Claxton for defending his title, now two times England’s Strongest Man U80kg!