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East Midlands Strongest Novice Results 24th/25th February 2018

East Midlands Strongest Novice Results 24th/25th February 2018

Posted on by PTS

Wow what a weekend that was! Probably our biggest and busiest competition ever!


1st: Annabel Waters 31 points
2nd: Kellie Butt 29.5 points
3rd: Vanessa Marshall 23.5 points countback winner
4th: Jenny Fry 23.5 points
5th: Shirley Anne Mullen 13.5 points
6th: Svetlana Okladnykh 13 points
7th: Gail Dodd 6 points

1st: Sarah Williams 55 points
2nd: Fi England 40.5 points
3rd: Amber Deardon Fisk 40 points
4th: Roxanne Mulkerrins 36.5 points
5th: Caroline Baker 36 points
6th: Emma Chetwynd Jarvis 33.5 points
7th: Lynsey Stevens 27.5 points
8th: Rebecca Kunzi 22 points
9th: Grace Hodge 21 points
10th: Natasha Barber 10 points
11th: Frankie Brown 4 points

1st: Annabelle Chapman 50 points
2nd: Francesca Strong 40 points countback winner
3rd: Shanie O’Meara 40 points
4th: Michelle Paine 35 points
5th: Flick Carless 29.5 points
6th: Jodi Phillips 24.5 points
7th: Lucy Ekins 21.5 points
8th: Charlie Hansford 12.5 points
9th: Claire Vize 11.5 points
10th: Mollie Geoghegan 6.5 points

Amazing day! Massive thank you to everyone involved!

Facebook Live video part 1 of the women’s competition here:

Facebook Live video part 2 of the women’s competition here:


1st: Angus Dean 23 points
2nd: Chris Games 18 points
3rd: Hamzah Muhammad 17 points
4th: Nathan Wheeler 10 points
5th: Stephen Quantick 7 points

1st: Sam Roberts 41 points
2nd: Chris Potter 37 points
3rd: Jack Mellor 36 points
4th: Nathaniel Eugene 35.5 points
5th: Christoph Furst 31 points
6th: Richard Harrop 27 points
7th: Josh Bridgeman 20.5 points
8th: Matthew Bone 17 points
9th: Mark McKay 16 points
10th: Rob Glover 8 points
Guest: Tom Middleton 0 points

1st: Shaun Baker 57 points
2nd: Lee Friel 54.5 points
3rd: James Hunt 45 points
4th: Hagen Biggin 44 points
Joint 5th: Alistair Webb 42.5 points
Joint 5th: Sam Hopps 42.5 points
7th: Billy Simms 40 points
Joint 8th: Dean Carpenter 26 points
Joint 8th: Chester Stone 26 points
10th: Henry Hughes 23.5 points
11th: Gruia Dimcea 18 points
12th: Tom Sadler 17.5 points
13th: Denneh Suantah 14.5 points

1st: Ryan Dunn 50 points
2nd: Andrew Ruegg 49.5 points
3rd: Johnathan Dreijers 46 points
4th: Ian Thistlewood 43.5 points
5th: Stephen Fraher 42 points
6th: Andrew Taylor 40 points
7th: Lucas Scott 32.5 points
8th: Brad Munday 23.5 points
9th: Max Dyck 21.5 points
10th: Antony Clegg 20 points
11th: Jason Dunn 11.5 points
12th: Stross Martin 6 points

WOW! What an incredible competition and weekend! Everyone involved is a superstar! Huge thanks to everyone, possibly our most epic competition weekend of all time!

Facebook Live video part 1 of the men’s competition here:

Facebook Live video part 2 of the men’s competition here: