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East Midlands Strongest Novice 2019 Results!

East Midlands Strongest Novice 2019 Results!

Posted on by PTS

East Midlands Strongest Novice 2019 Results!

1st Clare Sheridan 12.5 points
2nd Zara Louise Hunniset 10.5 points
3rd Gem Crossley 7 points

1st Holly Arundel 9 points
2nd Jayne Hartley 6 points

1st Toyah Parker 15 points
2nd Amy Neeves 7 points
3rd Emily Mulkerrin 5 points

1st Adam Rostron 68.5 points
2nd Lee Adcock 67.5 points
3rd Michael Thompson 55.5 points
4th Cory Alazzawi 53 points
5th Sean Ellis 49.5 points
6th Ricky Stubbenhagen 48.5 points
7th Nikita Rancev 43.5 points
8th Ashley Lapidge 42.5 points
9th Paddy Finn 40 points
10th David Thewlis 35 points
11th Aivaras Verseckas 27 points
12th Robert Blowen 23 points
13th Antony Bramwell 17 points
14th Daniel Small 15 points
15th Vladslav Tyashko 13.5 points

1st Leeroi Smith 43 points
2nd Adam Fleck 40 points
3rd Corey McBride 35 points
4th Kyle Alazzawi 28 points
5th Dan Cronin 22.5 points
6th Dimas Montoya 16.5 points
7th Stuart Giles 16 points
8th Dean Morris 13.5 points
9th Mikey Callanan 10.5 points

1st Andrew Spiers 38 points
2nd Michael Libera 37 points
3rd Kieran Richards 34.5 points
4th Rus Pink 32.5 points
5th Tommy Edwards 25 points
6th Clint Jackson 24 points
7th Jamie Cole 17 points
8th Cian Fulham 10 points
9th Dan Sears 8 points

1st Will Smith 45 points
2nd Jon Challinor 41 points
3rd Luke Williams 40.5 points
4th Rafal Gregorczuk 39.5 points
5th Luke Collins 32.5 points
6th Toby Yate 20 points
7th Barney Clements 17.5 points
8th Matt England 15.5 points
9th Matthew Lawton 13.5 points
10th Jobe Leighton 9 points


Seriously, that was an amazing weekend of competition! We love hosting these at PTS! Well done everyone who helped make such a great experience!


If you head over to our facebook page you can find the full score sheets and also full live videos of the events on the day!