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East Midlands Strongest 2016 Results

East Midlands Strongest 2016 Results

Posted on by PTS

By Ali Wilson


So at the weekend of 27th and 28th of February 2016 we held at PTS the fourth year of East Midlands Strongest! Four years on and still going strong! On the Saturday we had the women’s competition and on the Sunday we had the men’s competition. I was refereeing both days, with Nina Cambatta helping me ref on the Saturday and Pj Gentle helping me ref on the Sunday, and what a good job they did! Plus I had invaluable helpers in the form of Claire Haynes, Emma Markham, Justin Green, Adam Lee, Tony Deramo, Sam Langthorne and Paul Smith! Big love guys! The weekend went pretty much flawlessly, everyone seemed to love it, can’t ask for more than that! The competition was intense and very entertaining!


Here’s the results for the women:


U63kg Novice:
1st: Helen Fayers 41 points
2nd: Aishling Ryan 40 points
3rd: Helen Stoller 35 points
4th: Beckey Arnold 23.5 points
5th: Laura Sellers 20 points
6th: Caroline Wiggins 19.5 points
=7th: Louise Clark 16.5 points
=7th: Mellissa Kate Williamson 16.5 points
9th: Jasmin Khera 11 points

Openweight Novice:
1st: Sue Leacock 46.5 points
2nd: Sarah Quinton 40.5 points
3rd: Chanelle Collins 35 points
4th: Caitlin Riley 31 points
5th: Danielle Chambers 30 points
6th: Ajanta Chava 25.5 points
7th: Kylie Gabriel 21.5 points
8th: Pj Gentle 20 points
9th: Lisa Foreman 19.5 points
10th: Diane Spalding 3 points

Openweight Advanced:
1st: Mellissa Coates 8 points
2nd: Toni Banfield 7 points


And the results for the men:


U80kg Novice:
1st: Daniel Reeve 26 points
2nd: Craig Appleton 22 points + winner of tie breaker
3rd: Ben Gray 22 points
4th: Dean Kehoe 14.5 points
5th: Glen Hall 13.5 points
6th: James Spurling 6 points
Guest: Matthew Harrison 0 points
Guest: Rob Nixon 0 points

Openweight Novice:
1st: Brad Hench 98.5 points
2nd: Corey Gardner 89 points
3rd: Ashley Little 80.5 points
4th: Ashley Hole 78 points
5th: Ruslan Kozlovas 75.5 points
6th: Peter Kitching 68.5 points
7th: Paul Warren 63.5 points
8th: Aaron Clarke 60 points
9th: Liam Hoyle 58.5 points
10th: Andy Bramley 58 points
11th: Shozeb Ahmed 57 points
12th: Harvey Yallop 45 points
13th: Dean Tidmarsh 40.5 points
14th: Andrew Wilby 35.5 points
15th: Chris Peil 32.5 points
16th: Justin Green 27 points
17th: Jake Young 26 points
18th: Nathan Buxton 24.5 points
19th: Jack Hoedemaker 20 points
20th: Charlie Cox 9 points

U105kg Advanced:
1st: James Gregory 26 points
2nd: Will Phillips 24.5 points
3rd: Ross Thorpe 16.5 points
4th: Alistair Sale 12 points
5th: Joe Manning 10 points
6th: Willy McNeil 7 points

And here’s a highlight video for the girls, sorry we didn’t have enough people to film the men’s!