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Dead Strong Deadlift Competition 10th Oct 2015 Video

Dead Strong Deadlift Competition 10th Oct 2015 Video

Posted on by PTS

The Dead Strong Competition is back! We used to run the Dead Strong as a ‘little’ competition in between our other bigger competitions, but with the growing success of our big events, these got a little neglected! So we’ve resurrected it, in a more friendly, less stressful format!

The Dead Strong events now focus on just on one lift, and today’s was the deadlift! Five nominated lifts, no straps, no suits, 60 seconds per attempt to get a lockout and a ‘Down!’ command, but otherwise anything goes!

What we’ve always done with Dead Strong is have just one category; Everybody! It’s a bodyweight relative competition, and we use the Wilks formula to make sure everybody, big or small, male or female, can compete in an even field.

So today’s competition had 13 people lifting as much as they could! The video contains every lift, and also everybody’s final score and place! It’s worth noting that while a lot of people don’t like bodyweight relative competitions because they feel it favours the smaller lifters, the biggest guy here today won! And the second biggest guy came second! So there you go, strongest overall still wins!