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Cancer Research UK fund raising in August!

Cancer Research UK fund raising in August!

Posted on by PTS

Faye Jordan No Hair CancerSo we already had plans to shave our heads (and my beard) in opposing quadrants style for the GBPF English Powerlifting Championships on 15th August to raise money for Cancer Research UK, but we looked at our diary and thought why stop there?


We have signed up for a strongman competition at the wonderful Strongman Sanctuary in Kent on the 1st and 2nd of August 2015, and then we also wanted to do an obstacle race called the Iron Run in Kettering on the 22nd August because it has a nice short option (Faye has only 40% of her lungs left after cancer so short ones are best!) and also kid’s courses, so the whole family can get messy! So with all that rather diverse activity in one month we thought why not shave our heads for all three events and the whole month of August! So that’s what we’re doing!


We are still also operating a ‘bonus’ scheme where for each £100 we raise we’ll keep the style for an extra day, but this will now be after the month of August, and hopefully the more money we raise, the longer we keep the hair styles and the more good we can do for Cancer Research UK! If we raise £1,000,000 then we’d have to keep it for about three years!


With Faye being a cancer survivor (she had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and also got viral meningitis during the chemotherapy which cost her the sight in her right eye and the hearing in her right ear, at one point she was given two weeks to live and also told she would never have kids) this is a charity and cause close to our hearts, so please help us raise lots of money and donate by following the link to our Just Giving page. Please tell your friends, family, and anyone else!


Thank you!