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Cancer Research UK Charity Raising Update!

Cancer Research UK Charity Raising Update!

Posted on by PTS

Ali hair Cancer Research Charity Raising 1 Ali hair Cancer Research Charity Raising 2 Ali hair Cancer Research Charity Raising 3It’s nearly time!


This weekend (1st and 2nd of August) our charity raising mission for Cancer Research UK begins, and with a strongman competition in Kent! Faye is competing on the Saturday and Ali is competing on the Sunday! Should be a very fun competition with events of:


-Truck pulling

-Yoke carry

-Hercules hold

-Fingals finger

-Log lifting

-Atlas stones


…And then after this competition it’s powerlifting, fitness, obstacle racing, more strongman, more obstacle racing, more powerlifting… And the more money we raise the longer we’ll keep the hair and the more competitions that will get involved!


We hope our distinctive looks will help raise awareness and lots of money for our cause!


Now then, the original plan was for both Faye and Ali to shave their heads on the Friday prior (31st July), but Ali got impatient…. And has already shaved his head and beard! You can see from the pictures that in fact, the look suits him and he enjoys wearing it! So now the stakes have been raised AGAIN….


So now this Friday, Faye is still getting her head shaved, but Ali is now getting his whole body waxed in opposing quadrant style! So half his chest, one arm, and then the other side of his stomach and one leg!


We’re going to do this in the gym and members will be able to donate money into a bucket to pull a strip off! Seeing as Ali is known for inflicting pain there should be no shortage of people wanting to have a go! The things we do for charity!


Please have a look at our Just Giving page for Cancer Research UK, to keep up to date with how much we’ve raised, which to date (including Gift Aid) is getting close to £1,100, so a massive thanks to all those that have contributed!