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60 Tonnes In 60 Minutes Charity Event For Motor Neuron Disease! 2nd Sept 2017

60 Tonnes In 60 Minutes Charity Event For Motor Neuron Disease! 2nd Sept 2017

By Ali Wilson

So PTS member Gary Lowe-Brown came to me with a situation… A good friend of his who was an avid gym goer had just been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease at age 32. Gary wanted to do a challenge of some kind to raise some money. Fair enough!

Within minutes the idea had mutated into a team event of four guys and four girls attempting to lift 60 tonnes in 60 minutes with 8 different implements.

We ended up with a bouncy castle, a bake sale, an obstacle race, a charity raffle, as well as the main event!

*60 TONNES IN 60 MINUTES FOR MOTOR NEURON DISEASE* (Facebook Live video of the full hour of lifting can be found here:

Did we complete the challenge? YES WE DID!

Total tonnes lifted:
35kg Log = 8190kg lifted
50kg Log = 9000kg lifted
50kg Barbell = 11400kg lifted
30kg Barbell = 7470kg lifted
50kg Axle = 9900kg lifted
30kg Axle = 8310kg lifted
40kg Keg = 10080kg lifted
20kg Keg = 7420kg lifted


So we did it, and then some!

We’ve so far raised over £2000!

The link once more to donate is:

A huge thank you to everyone that helped today (Gary Lowe-BrownAli WilsonNina CambattaP-j GentleDavid BraithwaiteSteph HeatherSarah WilliamsSam KirchinAlexandra MunnsClaire HaynesJake KingGina BraithwaiteLyndsey KirchinJonathan Nixon, and all the others!), it was an awesome day and so much fun!

The Raffle Prizes and Winners: (The Facebook Live video of the prize draw can be found here:

1-Vehicle valet courtesy of Hawkins Cleaning – Nigel Egan
2-£50 food voucher for the Greyhound restaurant – Jim Rhodes
3-On Target shooting session – Kirsty Lowe-Brown 
4-Curren Wrist Watch – Jonathan Nixon
5-Treatment session from Ashley Rowley – Helle Kinning
6-Massage session from Emma Brennan – Helle Kinning
7-2 Ram Run Obstace Race October tickets – Chris Smith
8-Wine glass and stopper set – Elliot Patching
9-Set of 4 wine glasses – Jonathan Nixon
10-GNC shaker bottle – Peter Davie
11-Protein Dynamix shaker bottle – Deano (Gina Braithwaite)
12-Trappd session for 2 people – Kirsty Lowe-Brown
13-Day pass for 360 Play for 1 adult 1 child – Woody (Gina Braithwaite)
14-Day pass for 360 Play for 1 adult 1 child – Sue Marshall
15-Day pass for 360 Play for 1 adult 1 child – Nathan Etheridge
16-Mixed pairs Rumble Fitness October competition entry – Gary Lowe-Brown
17-Heated ceramic hair brush – Nathan Etheridge
18-£10 voucher for La Terraza tapas bar – Emma Brennan
19-£10 voucher for La Terraza tapas bar – Simon Knight
20-£10 voucher for La Terraza tapas bar – Nathan Etheridge
21-£10 voucher for La Terraza tapas bar – Nina Cambatta
22-Tea for two hamper for Whitton Locks – Carl Gough
23-Superdry fitness watch courtesy of Xchange 4 cash – Claire Chennells
24-£200 voucher towards Doc Martins boots – Steph Heather
25-3 PT sessions with Benjamin James King – Sarah Boyer
26-3 PT sessions with Benjamin James King – Paul Kenny
27-3 PT sessions with P-j Gentle – Jill Bowers
28-3 PT sessions with P-j Gentle – Mark Johnson
28B-3 PT sessions with P-j Gentle – James Knox
29-3 PT sessions with Alexandra Munns – Paul Kenny
30-3 PT sessions with Alexandra Munns – Helle Kinning
31-3 PT sessions with Alexandra Munns – Claire Chennells
32-3 PT sessions with Ali Wilson – Miry MacGuire
33-3 PT sessions with Ali Wilson – Ash Jones
34-3 PT sessions with Nina Cambatta – Steph Heather
35-3 PT sessions with Nina Cambatta – Steph Patching
36-3 PT sessions with Jake King – Jo Lane
37-3 PT sessions with Jake King – Steph Heather
38-10 PT sessions with Jake King – Emma Markham
39-10 PT sessions with Ali Wilson – Tom Philbin
40-10 PT sessions with Nina Cambatta – Anthony Donnelly
41-Faking It £50 worth of hair products – Anonymous (Gina Braithwaite)

Well done everyone!

Massive thank you to everyone involved! We raised about £800 with the raffle alone!